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  Make Your Own Custom Letter Opener – Personalized Gifts Ideas
Dog gift ideas for dog lovers: Personalized Letter Openers
Dog Gifts for People Banner


Create your own personalized letter opener - just add your own dog photos and you will have the perfect dog gift for any dog lover. You can of course also add any other photos, designs and logos you choose, as well as whatever text you think will provide the finishing touch to your custom letter opener.

Our fully customizable letter openers are made from a high quality metal chrome and feature a fully customizable face that measures 1.375" x 1"; the overall length is 7.5". The image is protected by a tough crystal clear enamel coating that provides a stunning finish and a lifetime of protection. These attractive letter openers make a magnificent gift for any adult, especially when they are customized with meaningful pictures of dogs and other loving pets.

Make Your Own Personalized Letter Opener - Dog Letter Opener

Custom Letter Opener     

With the assistance of our photo gift creation software, making your own personalized gifts is easy, and it's fun too! Regardless of whether you choose to create a "dog letter opener" or a custom letter opener featuring some other theme, the one thing we can guarantee is, you will end up with a stunning custom personalized gift that you can be proud of!

It's very important to understand that the quality of your photo gift is determined by the quality of the photo you use to create it. We display the minimum photo size requirements on each of our product's, but you should always use the largest photograph available to you when you create your own custom personalized gifts. By doing so you will never be disappointed with the finished product.

If you are looking for a dog gift idea for someone, and you don't have access to any suitable dog photos, don't despair, you can find millions of dog pictures * on the Internet. * Please note that many images you find on the Internet are subject to copyright. Additionally, please be aware that you may not use images you find on the Internet to create products for resale.

If you are looking for dog photos of a specific breed, you can find them by choosing the dog breed you are looking for in our dog directory .

Other Design Ideas

Obviously the focus of "Dog Gifts For People " is on dog gifts, but you should not forget you can put any photos you choose on our products to create a variety of different personalized gifts. For example, pictures of other pets such as cats, birds and rabbits can be used to create gifts that will please any pet lover.

Other popular designs include photos depicting babies, children, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, brothers, sisters and friends. Photos of cars, boats, house's, sports teams, logos and hobby activities such as golf and fishing are also commonly used on our products. The bottom line is, you can use pictures of whatever works for you, or the people you are buying for!

Personalized gifts often provide the best gift ideas, whatever the occasion

Regardless of the design you choose, a dog or something else, a personalized gift always says more than a traditional gift ever can. It demonstrates to the recipient the amount of thought and effort you have put into your gift giving and it will always be well received.

We hope you have fun making your own custom personalized letter opener ....

An important note for anyone involved with a Dog Club or a Dog Rescue Shelter

If you or somebody you know is involved with a dog club or dog rescue shelter you may be interested to learn that Dog Gifts for People offers a free fundraising program. The program is extremely low maintenance and requires almost no ongoing work for employees or volunteers. If you are interested in learning how it works and how it can benefit your organization, we invite you to read about how we can help you raise funds for your cause

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