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  Custom Dog Gifts: Personalized Gifts Ideas for Dog Lovers
Create your own custom gifts using your own dog photos & text
Dog Gifts for People Banner


Custom Personalized Dog Gifts for Dog Lovers

Custom dog gifts make wonderful personalized gifts ideas for dog lovers. Use your own dog photos or ours to create your own unique dog gift .....

To make creating your own dog gifts as easy as possible, we provide access to one of the most extensive collections of dog pictures available anywhere in the photo gifts industry.

Additionally, every one of the thousands of custom dog products on our website can be personalized by either adding text to our designs, or by removing our photos completely and replacing them with your own dog pictures.

Personalized dog gifts make one of the best gift ideas you will ever come up with for almost any dog lover - dog owners just love having photos of their beloved pets proudly displayed on everything from jewelry to blankets - add a dog's name and they become even more special.

Here at Dog Gifts For People we strive to provide our customers with some of the best gifts ideas around - using our "state of the art" product creation platform, making your own personalized dog gifts is not only easy, it's fun too!

If you like to make your own designs, a customized gift is one of the best ways available to show off your artistic talent - better still, they are fun to create and make a wonderful gift idea, especially for all those hard to buy for people we all seem to know!

A custom personalized gift always says more than a traditional gift ever can, and they're so easy to create anyone can do it, in a matter of minutes.

All you need to do is upload your dog photos or other designs, add an optional personal message, and you'll have your own custom personalized gift with literally just a few clicks of your mouse.

To help our customers in every way possible, our individual dog breed pages provide featured products, access to breed specific dog pictures and links to the official dog club representing the breed. We also provide easy access to the American Kennel Club (AKC) page for each featured breed. Additionally, we have also added our own basic dog breed information for every breed featured on our site.

For those people with an artistic talent, the options are infinite, using your own drawings, designs and other creations you can make just about anything you can think of - your only limitation is your own imagination. Remember, although our primary focus is on dogs, you can use our photo gift creation software to make gifts featuring any photos and designs you like!

One of the more interesting idea trends for photo gifts that has become very popular is to scan childrens drawings into a computer. The scanned image can then be used to create personalized gifts featuring kids artwork - these are the type of custom gifts that most parents will treasure forever!

As well as making wonderful gift ideas for dog lovers, personalized photo gifts also make terrific gift ideas for other people; for birthdays, anniversaries, Christenings, graduations and of course the Christmas holidays. So if you are struggling to come up with a sensible gift idea for a difficult to buy for friend or relative, dog lover or not, a custom personalized gift may be just what you are looking for......

Free Fundraising for Dog Rescue Groups, Dog Clubs and Other Animal Shelters

Dog Gifts for People is proud to present a totally free and sustainable fund raiser. Our long term fundraising program is designed to help rescue groups, shelters and dog clubs to raise the funds they need to finance their continuing efforts to help mistreated dogs and other under privileged animals. (Learn more in our Fundraising Ideas Articles)

Sustainable Fund Raiser for Dog Rescue Groups, Dog Clubs and other Animal Shelters

You can help us to help dogs like this by sharing our fundraising program with others - the more you share the more likely it is that needy Dog Rescue and other Animal Shelters will discover how they can use our program to raise much needed funds for their organization.

Our fundraising program allows your organization to raise funds for itself without creating any additional workload for your employees and volunteers. It allows you to sell your own custom products from your own free web-store at prices of your own choosing. It is totally free to set up and there are absolutely no ongoing costs.

Dog Gifts for People handles all order processing, shipping and returns as well as all other aspects of customer service.

For security reasons, all payments are handled securely by PayPal and the funds you raise are paid to you twice monthly, again via PayPal.

If you are involved with an animal rescue group or dog club and want to learn more we invite you to visit our Fundraising page.


Make your own personalized Dog Gifts Directory - Custom Personalized Gifts

 Custom Gifts Directory
You can put your own pictures or designs on any of our 400 plus custom products. To get started, browse our gifts directory or choose a product from the menu on the left.

You can personalize our products with any photos you choose - not just pictures of dogs!

All of our products can be personalized with any photos, logos, designs and text you choose. Popular photo gift designs include photos of children, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, dogs, cats and other pets, as well as pictures of cars, houses and all sorts of other treasured possessions.
Make your own custom Dog Phone Cases and tablet cases - Personalized Cases
Custom Cases for Phones
Make your own custom Dog Photo Bags - Personalized Bags
   Custom Photo Bags
Make your own Personalized Dog Jewelry and Watches - Custom Jewelry
Custom Jewelry and Watches

Make Your Own Customized Dog Playing Cards - Personalized Playing Cards

We offer fully customizable dog gift ideas in eleven categories :

Custom Buttons, Magnets & Stickers
Custom Canvas Prints & Posters
Custom Cards & Stationery
Custom Clothing & Accessories
Custom Gift Ideas
Custom Home & Office Merchandise
Custom Jewelry & Watches
Custom Laptop, iPad, iPhone & Smartphone Cases & Skins
Custom Mats & Blankets
Custom Photo Bags
Custom Photo Books

We are confident that just about anyone can find the exact dog stuff they are looking for within our website, dog stuff that is sure to please any friend or relative!

They say a picture says a thousand words - so a
personalized photo gift must say it all!

With hundreds of dog breeds to choose from we know we
have a lot to offer to dog lovers, but we also know it's
impossible to offer everything to everybody!

We also realize there is no substitute for a true
personalized gift - a gift customized with your own dog or
loved ones, carrying a personal message or your dog's

These are the really special gifts that always "shout" more
than a thousand words! When someone receives a gift
personalized with meaningful pictures and a special
message, they know just how much thought and effort you
have put into their gift - there is no substitute for such a
feeling of warmth and happiness.

We hope you find our site informative and interesting, but
most of all we hope you find it useful for turning your own
gift ideas into reality?
Buy with Confidence from Dog Gifts for People

Quality Assured

As part of the Photo Gifts Mall Group , we have years of experience in personalized photo gifts. We not only employ the best printing methods for creating your unique custom photo gift, we also put every item through a quality control inspection before it is shipped. This ensures you get exactly what you ordered. Our 160,000 sq ft state of the art printing facility produces over 400 different high quality photo gift products as well as standard digital pictures, photo books, photo calendars, collage posters and canvas art.

Competitive Prices

The volume of business we do allows us to buy our blank products in large quantities from the finest manufacturers. This helps ensure we can continue to offer the lowest prices on the Internet for almost our entire product range.


We ship world wide and use flat rate shipping to all destinations. Our shipping charge is $3.97 per order, regardless of whether it is 1 item or 100 items. You can expect to receive your items 8 to 12 business days after we receive your payment. Please note that some products take longer to process and may take up to 15 business days.

Order Tracking

Please note that we do not use tracking on small orders as the cost of international tracking is prohibitive. We have taken several surveys of our customers in the past to establish whether they prefer low shipping fees or costly internationally tracked shipments - the overwhelming response was low shipping fees. We apologize if this causes you an inconvenience.

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

When you shop with Dog Gifts for People you are covered by our 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee gives you enough time to check items for quality and size. If for any reason you want to return or exchange an item just contact our customer service department.

Great Selection

We offer a selection of over 400 different products with an infinite number of different designs. We have far too many products to go into detail here, but we can tell you that our most popular products are custom iPhone cases, personalized playing cards, custom shower curtains, customizable fleece blankets, photo watches, photo cufflinks, photo clocks, photo mouse pads, photo coasters & photo golf accessories.

Thank you for shopping with us.

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